I’ve been debating posting about this story….but it hits a little close to home, so what the heck.  Despite all of the coverage, its big enough for all of us.

I have a friend (former boss) who went to work for Spitzer in a rather high profile position.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to him, but I imagine he’s updating his resume right now, as are a lot of political insiders.

I guess the reactions are all over the map.  Most all express disappointment that another “crusader” has been found to be a hypocrite.  Many will revel in the fact that he’s gone; either because he’s a democrat or because they work on Wall Street and paid a heavy price when Spitzer was the Attorney General.  Pennsylvania even benefitted from a few of the settlements he forced with the investment companies.  Still more will express pity for his poor wife who had to stand there while he fessed up.

I have to admit that I was curious about what kind of hooker is worth $4Gs.  Seeing her picture doesn’t answer much, because you’d expect her to be pretty; but the line of BS about her not wanting to be a monster just doesn’t cut it.  You sleep in the bed you make.  What’s just as amazing is that the guy paid over $80Gs total.  All kinds of crude comments come to mind, but I think about my single days, and how a few beers would lower my standards quick.

I’m also thinking that since she’s testifying against a lot of very rich people who have broken the law, her days may be numbered.  I’d advise her to get ugly and get lost…very lost.

All I can do is stand in line, shake my head, and join the others: What was he thinking?

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