World Tour Reading

Thanks to the Donut Guy, I’ve gotten myself addicted to reading this blog.  The guy is not the best writer, but he is an amazing cyclist.  I’ve managed to read about 2/3d’s of his entries and hope to get current within a day or two.  My only question is that he has a practice of getting up at 4am to avoid traffic, but then must miss so many sites because of the dark.  Still, he manages to get some nice photos.  I wish he would take a little more time to post about his gear and camping techniques because it seems he has done quite a bit of research.


2 responses to “World Tour Reading

  1. That is a neat website isn’t it?

    I’ve followed other cyclists on it as well….always something interesting to read:-)

  2. It’s a great site. Not only have I been reading it since 05, I am also a contributer

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