Ride Report: 03.11.08

Went a little further tonight.  Nice ride except for where I was blasting down Pleasant (one of the few places I get down in the drops because I want to get past this bad piece of road.)  I came around the turn and there are about 5 kids on bikes sitting in the middle of the road.  As I came up on them, they didn’t even move and I had to get into the opposite lane.  All the while I’m thinking “what if a car were coming behind me and comes up on these idiots.”   It might not be able to stop in time.

Turns out they were doing some dirt riding and jumping on the edge of the adjoining field.  I said something to them about being in the middle of the road, but then Red reported that they were still there when she drove past a little later.  Knuckleheads.

Ahh well.  Still a very therapeutic ride.

Distance: 12 miles  2008: 42.1


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