Ride Report: 03.10.08

Since we now have an extra hour of daylight, I went out for a short ride before dinner.  As I was getting started, I came within 6″ of bi-secting a man-eating chiqu..chiw…mexican dog.  Had to lock up the wheels to avoid this charging little mongrel.  Once out on the road I found myself pushing too hard for my fitness, and was reminded of Kent Peterson’s life at 12mph rule – it helped.

Went up Space Highway to Brenemen; then across Seitz, which is a farm lane that I don’t get on much.  While there I crossed with a roadie who I think was surprised to see me.  We both waved and smiled, obviously enjoying the weather.

On the way back I stopped to talk to a friend of mine who was outside.  Charlie is 90 years old and still farming.  Things have been tough lately.  His wife recently broke her leg and has been in rehab; plus both of them have had the flu.  Saturday was their 67th anniversary.  He said he was feeling better, but I could see that he was a little shakey.  Fortunately he’s going to the doctor’s office today.

I need to take a picture, but this last weekend I tackled the Cannondale rear fender.  Using a spare rack brace, I configured a bracket that fits over the rear brake bridge and pulls the fender up off of the tire.  I had an older SKS fender that was nearly cracked in half at the bridge mount, so it was just a matter of snipping it to fit and drilling some holes.  Unfortunately the remaining piece was too short to make it from the lower bridge up to the brake, but I don’t think I’ll get much mud beyond where the rear of the fender ends at the brake.  Either way, I do have another fender that I could cut up, but I would prefer not to; at least for now.  I still haven’t figured out exactly how to do the same for the front wheel…it will be a bit more complicated.

I missed a good opportunity this weekend and I am still a bit bummed.  Someone was selling an Inoled 20 with a battery pack on Ebay.  I’ve been thinking hard about bike lighting, but the cost is a real factor for me.  My preference would be to go with a hub dynamo, but I’ve also been looking at battery setups.  The main requirement is to have more than adequate lighting for night rides.  The nice thing about the Inoled is that the lights have a voltage regulator in them so you can run them both off a battery or switch to a dynamo.  This would have been perfect – I could use the battery for now, and then switch to a dynamo when I raise the cash.

New, the setup is over $200, and my budget right now is $150.  I put in a bid which was outbid in the afternoon, but I figured I’d try again in the evening an hour or two before the auction ended.  Well, I forgot.  It turns out the buyer got the setup for just over $100.  Maybe I would still have been outbid, but it would have been fun to find out. 

At this point, I’m considering a Dinotte 5 watt led with the rechargable batteries.  I’d get roughly 90 minutes runtime for a good light for $100.  I already have a compatible charger, and the batteries cost around $10.  I’m going to look around more, but at this point that looks like the best option.

Things look busy tonight, but I’d still like to get out for a short ride.

Distance: 8 miles, 2008: 30.1


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