…in the saddle again!

I opted to take part of the afternoon off so Ian and I could prepare his Pine Car for the big race at church tomorrow.  I had got behind on this project since I was sick for two weeks; but after having made over a dozen of them over the years, I’ve got it down to a quick process where I do the wheels and axels and the kids do the sanding and painting.

During a paint break the Veloterrorist and I pulled out a couple of bikes and went on a neighborhood tour.  He managed to get a brown streak of mud up the middle of his back, but I was protected by my fenders on the LHT.  Afterwards there was a little bit of daylight left before dinner, so I went for a quick jaunt.  My God it felt great just to get out and stretch my legs!  After practically no physical activity for the month of February, I really need to get back into shape.

Speaking of velo-terrorists, what’s up with the “bicycle bomber” in Times Square?  Are we to see a new phenomena where we need to be vigilant for masked cyclists hurling pipe bombs about?  Beware, you coffin drivers!

Distance: 6.5 miles, 2008: 22.1


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