The Right Thing

So we had a little bit of drama with the Academic Bowl.  My son’s team lost the first match, but then totally spanked the other team in the second.  They were to advance to the next round this evening….but they had to forfeit.

It turns out that their coach is/was also a “reader”, working with the team of officials that administer the competition.  To help her team practice, she provided them with fifth grade questions, not realizing that many of the questions are also used at the fourth grade level.  So the team captain and another player were basically privy to the questions and answers, and sailed on through.

They had a meeting this evening with the kids and parents, and announced the decision.  The coach has also indicated that she is resigning.  I’m not sure that’s necessary, because it doesn’t appear that the mistake was intentional.  Most importantly, she has admitted the mistake and has done the right thing.  If anything, our kids have hopefully learned a valuable lesson about playing fair and showing integrity.  I hope it all works out because the kids love her and her love for them shows.

I’ll see how Ian is doing when I get home.  He’ll probably be a little bummed, but nothing too great.  He did well all the same – we were all impressed.

Better luck next year big guy!


One response to “The Right Thing

  1. There’s always next year….our daughter did it in her Junior and Senior year and her team got shelled both times.

    She still had fun and got a chance to meet lots of other kids.

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