Superbowl, etc…

‘just a few quick notes…no riding even though the weather has been cooperative.  I’m just too busy with other tasks that open up because of the weather, or sidetracked with family activities.

Watched the StupidBowl last night.  It used to be that this was the only pro game I ever watched until my son co-opted our television to watch every sport known to man.  Now I routinely find myself watching pro games in the fall, in addition to Penn State – although I am officially boycotting watching them any more until JoePa retires (another story).  I’m glad we don’t have satellite or some big cable arrangement, otherwise we’d be watching water polo and regional luge events.  I do watch soccer when its on, but I refuse to watch basketball, which is his current addiction.

But I digress…  I was rooting for the Patriots, but just because.  I’m not a fan.  I would have liked to see Green Bay go all the way.  Still, the Giants clearly played the better game.  It seems like I was the only one in Central PA even remotely supporting the Pats.

There was a quick observation about the winners and losers from last night on the radio this morning that I really liked:  Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, got to go home and be consoled by his girlfriend, Giselle Bunchen(sp.).  Eli Manning, the Giants quarterback, got to go home with his brother Peyton.  I’m sorry, who did you say won?

As for the commercials, nothing really blew my socks off, although I still am chuckling about the unibrow girl.  That last nano-second with her pulling out her wedgy was classic.

In other news, Old Blue is gone.  I drove it over to a friends garage on Saturday where he is going to pull the engine and then scrap the hulk.  Big Red is in need of a thermostat so I can get some heat going – should be an easy project.  I took it to work last week when we had freezing rain, but didn’t need the 4wd.  Good thing a lot of people stayed home that day because I needed 1 1/2 parking spots for the pig.

It’s going to hit the 60’s this week for a day or two.  That old groundhog must be on acid.

Finally, its Academic Bowl tonight for Ave.  I hope he shows more enthusiasm with this than the rest of his life lately.  He’s in to this “I’m almost a teenager, I’m cool, and I don’t care about your stuff” kind of thing.  I briefly lost it yesterday and told him to quit being a jerk.  Kids…it’s OK to love them unconditionally while not liking them very much at the time.


2 responses to “Superbowl, etc…

  1. US/Mexicon on ESPN2 Wednesday night. I’m going with 2-0 US. It’s in Huston so it’s an away game for the US.

  2. p.s. I suppose it kind of sad the you know more about the team local to me than I do.

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