General Busy-ness

ford-002.jpgIt’s been a task filled two weeks.  Red and Ian decided to venture south with the in-laws for the annual exodus to Florida.  I stayed home with the two older kids because they could not afford to miss any school.  As such, I took some leave and tackled a house project.  Red is now back, and we are settling into normalcy.

First, I have to say that I have some busy kids.  Between basketball practices and games, Academic Bowl practice, doctor’s appointments, and general recreation with friends, I spent a good portion of my time just getting them to where they needed to be, starting at 6am.  Add to that keeping the house straightened up, making some decent meals, and an occasional load of laundry, and I can’t imagine how single moms manage it.  I’d usually go until after 10pm, and I was lucky if I could squeeze in a nap.

During the days I remodeled our dining room as part of my New Year’s resolutions.  I did a lot of renovations when we moved in, but I also cut some corners and had to move fast to make the house livable.  Now I went back and corrected a lot of things.  A lot of sanding walls, replacing trim, painting with colors we liked better now that we’ve had a chance to settle in, etc…  There are still a few very small things that need work; and one very large job to replace a piece of drywall in the ceiling that was ruined when we had a pipe leak.  That project will be so time consuming and dirty that I opted to put it off for last.  I might try to get to it next month over a long weekend.

Overall the room looks much better – everyone comments that it looks “warmer” even though I used a lighter paint.

Even though I was on vacation I was constantly dealing with e-mails and phone messages from work.  I am thankful that I’ve managed to avoid a Blackberry, otherwise I would have no peace.

I also managed to drop a few pounds, mostly through not eating junk.  I hope it is not temporary.  I didn’t have a chance to ride at all, but I’ve decided that next week I’m going to start getting some regular exercise, even if it is working out in the basement.

Speaking of basement, I lightened our load of some worthless junk (something I can do when Red is not around.)  To her credit, she decided to go for one month without buying anything new.  I haven’t really checked to see how its going.

ford-002.jpgAnd with the theme of stuff that is not new, I finally replaced my firewood truck.  After two years of “negotiating”, the owner and I reached a deal and made it happen.  I’m really pleased with its condition – far better than one would expect for a firewood truck that might see 500 miles/year.  I’m thinking this truck is good enough to load up with camping gear and take to the woods.  The cap was a surprise extra when I went to pick it up.  Other than smelling like a horse barn, its working great.

As for Old Blue, I’m going to give it to the first taker, who might want to part it out or possibly restore it; although I really don’t think that’s realistic.

As for my last resolution, and elderly neighbor fell last week, broke her leg, and is in a rehab center near where I work.  I’m going to visit over lunch a few times next week.

Sorry about the lack of biking, but with the busy-ness and cold temps, it can wait.


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