To Work!

I’m so proud of myself.  I was puttering about Saturday morning before the rest of the clan rolled downstairs.  Of the many tasks on my list, I had to mail a package and pick up milk from the local store.  (In our home, we go through easily one gallon/day.)  With the temperature a brisk 40 degrees, but the skies moderately clear, I quickly snapped the grocery panniers on the Cannondale and “rode” my errands.


I waved to a neighbor as I rode by, and had a nice leisurely jaunt through Lewisberry.  I estimate I reduced my carbon footprint by about one pint of 87 octane.  I was hoping to get in a ride later in the day, but my task list runneth over.

Distance: 4.9 miles, 2008: 15.6


4 responses to “To Work!

  1. A trip to the super market by bike is very common for me also. The ride is on the MUP so I usually see like minded people, bikers, walkers, runners etc.

    I don’t get “the looks” till I ride into the parking lot.

  2. THAT’S what I’m talking about. Exercising AND crossing stuff off the to-do list at the same time. It is a beautiful thing! Reward thyself with one pint of Guinness, I say! -6-

  3. Is it whole milk?

  4. 1%, pasteurized. Am I going to die? 😉

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