Oh Happy Day!


I can’t believe I left my camera in my briefcase, because I could have taken pictures of all the happy people.  For the past two days I brought in my sneakers and did a brisk power walk along the river and through town.  The people walking along Second Street are smiling, the bikers along Riverfront Park are smiling, even the guy the cops were hand-cuffing along Market Street was smiling.  It’s mid January, and its 66 degrees F and sunny outside.

But tomorrow…. in the forties and rain.  Back to an overall malaise and grumpiness.

Started re-assembling the Marin last night… ran two cables and made some various adjustments.  I need to purchase an MTB brake cable, cut some housing, and pick up a pair of grips.


4 responses to “Oh Happy Day!

  1. The Marin Belvedere is my commuter. It took me a long time to warm up to Marin and I’m still not sure I like it. But I don’t dislike it any more.

  2. This is a Marin Larkspur, which is marketed as a “city bike.” It’s main appeal to me was the Ebay price, the steel frame, and the 35c tires. It’s had several lives, but most recently I picked up a pair of 29er tires that just barely fit it and I put the MTB bars back on. Its also the only bike I have with indexed shifting. Since both my sons have MTBs, I figure this will be the bike I take to go trail riding with them.

  3. Wow, those sure are some brightly colored shoes.

    I kinda like them:-)

  4. What can I say? Value City. $12.

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