Tweed Cycling Club

A bunch of Brits have taken the country biking mindset to a bit of an extreme.  They go beyond the anti-lycra view and all but require a type of retro-dress.  Not just content – but also style.


What I like about country biking is the lack of style.  One does not typically wear lycra because one does not need lycra in order to bike the sort of biking that most people enjoy.  Rather, one can be perfectly comfortable by wearing perfectly comfortable clothes, regardless of the style.  I, for instance, have been seen tooling about the countryside wearing my very well-worn and well ventilated Sperry docksiders, a painting the house-worthy T-shirt, and a pair of cutoff jeans…not exactly “stylin” eh?

So along come these characters who insist that we dress like… characters…mostly from Masterpiece Theatre.  A little too rich for my blood – maybe I could see it for a charity ride of some sort.  But for the most part, I’ll stick to my baggie shorts and light blue Dickies work shirt with the custom green armpits.  Cheerio!


4 responses to “Tweed Cycling Club

  1. My main piece of riding equipment is my pant leg strap. Everything else is random.

    Everyone in time developes their own style.

  2. I am loving the Masterpiece Theater look, esp. the knickers. Those need to come back. -6-

  3. Here in the Midwest we have a similar ride, the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour (see ). My account of the 2007 Tour is here:

    Fast it ain’t, but you do find out that it isn’t all that hard to ride 45 miles dressed in a suit.

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