SLOW RIDE..Da Da Da DaDunt…


Grandma got the boys Guitar Hero for Christmas and the rest of the family, excepting me, has become addicted.  There are nightly contests to see who can make it through the songs with the greatest dexterity.  My daughter’s bf also has a guitar, so “dueling” is commonplace.  They have great fun, and all appear to be developing incredible eye/hand coordination; but I come to work in the morning with Foghat, Heart, and other 80’s riffs in my head.

Our greatest parental concerns are the scantily clad guitar goddesses that you can configure; and my daughter had to actually take a cell phone picture of Red caught in the act when one of her friends called and overheard the rukus.  Mom, who you have to remember gets called to substitute teach many of these kids, suddenly moved way up on the cool meter.


2 responses to “SLOW RIDE..Da Da Da DaDunt…

  1. My daughters bf bought GH III for her and we have the same thing going on here – all sorts of duels and suddenly I’m making food for all of her friends who come over to compete…and even a few of her bf’s friends…:)

    Have enjoyed reading through your blog!

  2. Thanks for your comment. I just about shut down the show last night. There were all kinds of chores to do around the house and I couldn’t pry the kids away. Everytime I turned around they had disappeared into the family room! Sheesh!

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