Hoofing It

We were all getting stir crazy on Saturday, so I coaxed the crew into going for a hike at Pinchot.  We did close the three miles with a hilly loop through the woods and returned via the Lakeside Trail.  It was a lot of fun and we all got some much needed exercise, and scoped out some mountain biking trails.

About a mile into the route we stopped at a large rock outcropping and this:


From what I’ve been told, these are pilings left over from a toboggan run that existed some 30 years ago before the park was run by the state.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but this is a pretty impressive hill at this point.  Word is that the cross members would be installed every winter, then blocks of ice would be cut and carried up from the lake; and water would be poured over everything to solidify the works.  My guess is that the insurance liability made the effort too costly for today’s standards.

Things have long fallen into disrepair, but we followed along the trail for a good three-quarters of a mile before we lost track of the pilings on the right side.  It must have been fantastic.


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