Mini Rant

There are two types of rudeness.  The first is where people are intentionally rude.  Essentially, they know what they are doing is poor behavior and they don’t care.  Maybe they were brought up that way, maybe they’re having a bad day, perhaps there is some momentary frustration that leads them to break etiquitte.  As far as I am concerned, when they cross the line, they assume responsibility for whatever results their actions evoke.  They get what they deserve, and you kind of hope they get it soon.

The other type of rudeness is much harder to reconcile.  These are the people who act out of ignorance.  For whatever reason, they don’t realize that what they are doing is annoying to others, and there is a good chance that if they knew, under the right circumstances, they would be apologetic and would immediately cease said behavior.

For those of us who are annoyed, we must wrestle with a gamut of feelings:  Is my annoyance truly justified, or am I just being overly sensitive and having a bad day?  Am I being a snob, because it doesn’t look like anyone else is annoyed?  Am I being a snob regardless, but am just out of my element because I am the only one apparently annoyed?  What will be the result if I say something?  Should I say anything at all, or should I just get over it?  Is it even my place to look down on anybody?

ah well, life goes on.


One response to “Mini Rant

  1. I’ll second that! Here’s to a merry slow Christmas and a happy New Year to match!

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