Fender Clearance Solution

As I’ve written, my biggest concern with the Cannondale is the fender clearance.  The profile of the SKS fenders are fairly tight, but just enough to cover the Kendas.  When this set of fenders was installed on the Marin with the 700X35, they were just about perfect.  But the concern lies in just how close they have to be to the tire because of the frame geometry, both at the fork and within the rear chainstays.

I had seen these before, and it occurs to me that if the tight clearance becomes a problem when kicking up stones and mud, these brackets from River City Cycles might be the ticket.  You end up cutting the fender in half, install the brackets on the brake bridge and front crown, and then bolt the fenders back on.  It may not be pretty, but you end up with a lot more room between the tread and the fenders. 

Plus, if you’re really feeling ugly, it probably isn’t too hard to find some aluminum stock at the local Lowe’s or Home Depot and bend up your own set.  This may prove to be a short little winter project.


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