Cold and snow.  No riding.  I can take the cold, but combine it with either snow or wind, and I wimp out. 

My exercise lately consists of hauling armloads of firewood into the house.  Even then, I plan on burning poplar and maple this time of year; but with temps in the teens, I’ve already started in on the oak.  Toasty fires in the evening are heaven.  I did some splitting last Saturday and cut up a stump of this pretty large tree I had taken down for a friend; and I was super stiff on Sunday.  I just laid about like a slug and watched football games all day – which is a rarity for me.  I still need to clean up and sharpen my saws.

I’m dieting.  Not much, just what I figure as “portion control.”  I cajolled Red into making us a turkey dinner last weekend so we could have our own leftovers.  She’s a great cook, and I need to watch myself or I’d balloon up quick.  So I’ve been behaving and I’m nowhere near being sick of turkey yet.

Our team had been looking at options for playing indoor soccer this winter, but the only time slots are either Sunday mornings or late Sunday evenings.  For almost all of the girls, that won’t work.  I’m now thinking of renting out a local skating rink on the off hours, and just arranging pick-up scrimmages.  If we can keep it low key and low cost, it might work.

Ave is not happy with us right now.  He is making some poor choices at school and not doing his best, so we had the coach bench him for a basketball game.  I hope we got his attention.  I was hoping this pre-teen rebelliousness was limited to girls, but I guess I was wrong…  rats.

As for bikes, the only work I have left to do is to re-assemble the Marin.  That should be pretty quick – just run the cables, install the rear derailleur and adjust everything.  It might be a fun snow bike.  Later!


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