Bikes: 1985 Cannondale Tourist, v.3


Finis!  The derailleur problem was actually a shifter problem that I figured out after swapping out two other derailleurs.  It had something to do with that stupid little indexing disk that wasn’t letting the handle rotate fully.  It was a real “duh” moment when I realized that the shifter was supposed to move further than it was.  Anyway, we’re up to a full 14 gears, and all the little details have been addressed.

It took me a while to figure out how many versions this bike has had.  I decided that with minor upgrades, this bike has essentially been a fast tourist, followed by a townie (the moustache bars), and now a gofer/cruiser, thus v.3.  In 1985, I believe Cannondale only made two styles of bikes: the tourist and an MTB.  The tourist came in two groupos, with the Shimano 600 considered the less expensive.  At one point I had the 6 speed freewheel changed to a 7.


Anyway, most of the components remain Shimano 600; with Nitto Albatross bars, Tektro interupter levers for brakes, Shimano friction barcons, SKS fenders, Trek rack, Avocet gel saddle, no name platform pedals, and Kenda Cross 1 3/8″ tires.  The quill stem has been replaced with a Profile adapter mated to a Specialized 120mm riser.  Vetta C15 puter, Bell mirror, and a soccer ball dingy.

The ride is actually quite spirited.  The frame is super light, so it accelerates quickly.  While it had been a harsh ride, the Kendas do eat up a good portion of the bumps, although not nearly as well as the 37c Paselas.  Here’s a shot of the two front wheels to compare: 1 3/8″ Kenda and 37c Pasela.


Finally, here’s my two ponies (a boy and his toys!)



5 responses to “Bikes: 1985 Cannondale Tourist, v.3

  1. Makes me wish I still had my dad’s old blue Schwinn Varsity that sat in the garage for 20 years, and which he got rid of before I was wise enough to know what he had so I could steal it and fix it up… Nice work.

  2. Which Tektro levers are those? Do they fit the diameter of the Albatross bars without a shim? I’ve got Albatross bars on my soma and am looking to add an interrupter lever near the stem as I like riding in the hooks. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Taylor, those Tektros are heavily shimmed and I wouldn’t recommend it. The Bontrager bars on the LHT, however, are the same diameter and I have a set of Cane Creek interrupters that fit just fine. I’d take the bars to your LBS and have them get the part # for the right fit.
    Let me know how you make out.

  4. Hi, is that an ST500? I recently acquired on and I’m having a little trouble squeezing 1 3/8″ tires on. Did you have any problems?

  5. Matt, The original bike was the ST400, which should be the same frame as the 500. To fit the 1 3/8″ Kendas, I had to trim off the nibs, but they now spin fine. The tightest spot is at the bottom chainstay bridge where the clearance is probably 1/4″. OK for street, but hardly room for any mud. You can see the current version by looking under “The Bikes” section off of the front page. best, doc

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