Site Work

You may have noticed that I dropped a few blogs from the roll; mainly due to inactivity.  The Welle’s have finished their world tour and are back in the states, but I think I’ll keep their blog up for a while because it’s so comprehensive as to insights, budgeting, and gear.  I’ve also added Dan on Bike and Dave Moulton’s Blog – I’ve been following them lately and enjoy the entries.

I understand that as we get into the winter weather that there will not be as many posts, including here, but as I’ve said, my criteria for the blog roll is basically whatever interests me at the time.

In other news: Did more tweaking on the Cannondale last night – brakes, mounted an old mini-frame pump with a Presta fitting, etc…  I feel like I need to wear a tweed jacket and a touring cap when I’m on that bike. 

I also mounted the straight bars back on the Marin since I used the Albatross bars on the Cannondale.  I haven’t done any cabling yet, but other than the knobby 29er tires that are on it, the bike has returned to the same setup as when I bought it.  It’s just that now it will be a trail bike rather than a “city bike.”  Ideally the granny would be a 22 instead of what I think is a 28, and it could be a bit lighter.

We’re a little bummed about Messiah Colleges’ soccer results: the men were eliminated in the semi-final, and the women lost in the final to Wheaton – we watched the web cast from Florida.  Our interest lies in that Red and her brother and sister are Messiah grads, plus it’s right down the road.  Ah well, both teams did a great job getting as far as they did, and I’m sure they’ll be in the hunt next year.

On the book front, I am re-reading “The Last Place on Earth.”  Its the story of the race to the South Pole between Amundsen and Scott – a long book but a great read.  History can be really entertaining if you give it a chance.


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