C’dale Progress

Argh!  I managed to get the tires and tubes mounted last night – what a bear of a job that was.  The beads seem to be super tight for these rims.  Maybe I should have tried some baby powder, but God help me if I flat out somewhere away from civilization.

There was also an issue getting the rear wheel on the frame.  I kept getting caught on the derailleur.  I’m hoping that once I get the cabling on that it will be corrected.

Finally, I slapped on the front fender.  It fits over the tire, but with a really tight clearance.  So much so that the little injection nibs rub.  I’ve done this before… sit with a razor blade and trim them all off so the wheel spins freely.  I thought about going without the fenders, but then that would go counter to the purpose of the bike.  I’ll have problems if I decide to run it through mud, but general rain/puddle protection should be fine.

Now that I have the front wheel on, I’m thinking that the tires are closer to 35mm.  I think my guessing with the rear wheel was affected by some sort of optical illusion, because it looked narrower against the C’dales’ thick chainstays.

The brakes on this bike are not that great, so I was thinking: can you replace standard caliper pads with longer MTB salmon pads that would fit on cantis?


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