Ride Report: 11.17.07

It was a dreary Saturday afternoon, but I had finished up my honey-do list and wanted to get outside.  Since I haven’t been riding alot, I opted for a loop around Pinchot, which is usually about 14 miles.  It was just over 40 degrees, so I opted for an Underarmor shirt, baggy bike shorts, and covered by a windbreaker jacket and pants.  I also wore my balaclava under the helmet.  Oh, I also picked up a cheap pair of biking gloves for $10.  I got a deal because they were really small and weren’t selling, but since I have skinny little hands they fit OK.

Once I got out and moving for a mile or so, my core heated up and I was quite comfortable.  I called it right with dressing for the temperature. 

When I got closer to the park, I noticed that the smell was musty-rotting leaves.  I took a detour into the park and decided to follow the Lakeside Trail for a bit.  It’s a little rough in spots and I had to portage around some downed trees, but it made for a nice little jaunt throught the woods.  I came across an occassional hiker walking their dog, and a few fishermen.

I stopped to take this shot at this outcropping of large rocks that juts out into the lake.  Its a popular partying spot, but its more renowned for the model wannabes who have nude shots taken of them on top of the big boulder.  There were no models present this day.


I ended up riding through the day use area and then came out unto one of the campgrounds that features yurts.  These are round tent-like structures that seem to be the latest camping craze.  Here is a shot of one that is located among some small cabins.


This shot is the view from the top of the steps…pretty nice.


I then went looking to pick up the trail again with the intent of going around the whole lake, but I couldn’t find it.  I ended up riding around quite a few of the camping areas.  I stopped once to try to diagnose an annoying rattle from my front fender vibrating, but I couldn’t figure out what was up.  So I ended up going out of the park and picking up my regular loop along Rt. 74 and 177.  When it came time to climb a long hill on 177 an old problem returned with not being able to downshift into the granny.  Fortunately the 36 was just low enough for me to huff it up the grade.

When I got home I spent some time adjusting the front derailleur again, and also replaced the cable with a slightly longer one.  I’ve yet to get to the fender to see whats up.  Oh, and the cheap gloves were worn clear through on the insides of my index fingers where I grasp the hoods.  You get what you pay for.

Distance: 16.9 miles, 2007: 1036.5


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