Reading List

Our family room is full of bookshelves which we rarely “organize.”  New books just end up getting stacked on top of others until they create the impression that we do a lot of reading; otherwise, it just looks cluttered.  So I recently decided to thin things out by boxing up ones that I knew that none of us would be reading again.  While doing that, I also pulled out a few that I did want to read again, which is pretty rare for me.

I had previously mentioned Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon.  That book was a coming of age tome for me that helped me find a sense of direction at a low point.  It’s by far my favorite book, and I read it again for the fourth time with no regrets – its still as good as it was before.

I also re-read Crusade, which is a history of the first gulf war (Powell, Schwartkoff, and co.)  It just struck me as an interesting bit of military history and biography.  I would recommend it.

For something new, I ordered a used copy of Amish Grace from Amazon.  This is the story of the Nickel Mines shooting in Lancaster last year.  I, like many others, was touched by the aftermath, and I wanted to know a little more about the Amish and how all of this developed.  Religion-wise, we attend a Brethern in Christ church, which is closely related to the Mennonite, which is related to the Amish. 

While people relate less and less to denominations these days, I find myself really intrigued by the Amish philosophy and theology.  I think from a secular perspective, they are not unlike those aspiring to a car-free/simple life style.  Theologically, I find a lot of their views make sense, especially the focus on community v. individualism.

I like the book so far, but be warned that its not a thriller, but a pretty straight forward, no-frills description of what happened and why.


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