A Break

Soccer season is over – for now.  We finished up with a tournament this weekend, and I’m now looking forward to having a little bit of free time.

This was a frustrating season.  We probably had the potentially best team in years, but I just couldn’t bring it together.  While there were flashes of brilliance and some really good matches, it seems that too many of them were “really close – but not enough.”  We had a few wins, but it was not a winning season.

Our biggest problem was/is offense.  We just seem to have trouble getting the girls to pull the trigger.  We can get the ball up to that end of the field, but then they want to pass it around and not put pressure on their net.  That will definitely be a priority for the coming spring.

We now get a break for a few weeks, but then comes swimming practices (something new for my daughter, but it should be great for her knee), and Ave is going to try out for basketball.

I’ve got the day off, so I’m going to split a pile of firewood and catch up on some sleep later with a good nap.


2 responses to “A Break

  1. Soccer and bikes!!!! Soccer and bikes!!! You are officially on my best friends list.

    BTW I’m traveling with my #3 son to DC this weekend for the MLS Cup. Revs… ya know.

  2. Our MLS team is the Harrisburg City Islanders. Unfortunately ticket prices are a bit high, so I think their attendance is not great. We also have Messiah College right down the road, which are headed for their next Div. 3 National Championship (both men and women). They are phenomenal to watch.

    We also have our high school boys team (Redland HS) headed towards a state championship this year. Two of the players are the sons of coaches/trainers for our club – they live and breathe the sport. Word has it that they have already been offered pro spots in Mexico, where they trained over the summer.

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