Take Care, Bob

I’m feeling a little bummed at the moment.  I found out through an e-mail about 10 minutes ago that a friend of mine has passed away unexpectedly.  I knew very little about him, but his son is on my son’s baseball team.  We are both “older” dads (he was 48, one year younger than me), and we kind of bonded and had several pleasant conversations about boys, baseball, and taking time away from hectic schedules to raise kids.  Despite whatever differences I may have with a parent or coach, I have a lot of respect for anyone willing to dedicate the time and energy to helping a bunch of kids.

Anyway, I don’t know any of the details, other than his obituary says he was a cancer survivor.  I saw him last Saturday at a game, he looked fine; but I was sitting with another family and I didn’t have a chance to say hello.

I’m wandering right now about his son, and thinking about how my son, and my family, would cope if I suddenly died.  I don’t know if that’s self-centeredness or selfish, but that’s what I feel.  I know, just from what I saw, that the little guy will miss his dad terribly, because he was a good, loving, and supportive father.

Life is too short.


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