Commuter Pic

This is one of my favorites.  This bike is a Fuji Del Rey, very similar to the Fuji that I bought for $40 when I decided to retire from rowing and still get some exercise.  I’m guessing circa 1970, and I think Sheldon Brown even had some nice things to say about them.  As an aside, I ended up spending another $125 to get the bike in decent condition – which is a timely factiod given this blog entry on “good deals.”  For the life of me, I can’t remember where that bike ended up.

This poor old bike is beat, but it has the components to come back as a real classic if the owner wanted to invest some coin: steel lugged frame, high flange campy hubs along with several other components, a leather Brooks knock-off saddle, MKS touring pedals, etc…  The tires look pretty dry and the bars haven’t seen tape for several years.


I found the cockpit interesting.  In addition to a big chrome bell and a large mirror, there is a compass.  I definitely could use a bell, but I’m not sure a compass would help me or not.  When I manage to get lost, I get really lost. 


Still, its nice to see an old girl like this put to good use.


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