At 7:45 this morning the principal called to let us know that the district had reversed it’s decision and opted to move our son.  He was clear to point out that it wasn’t due to the incident; but rather due to our lack of confidence in the teacher based on our perceptions of her past actions…..   It’ll do for now.  He also wanted us to talk to our son to make sure that he didn’t go spouting off about how is parents took on the system and won, etc…

We’re still meeting with the Asst. Superintendent today to file a formal complaint (advised by our lawyer friend), and to make sure she is aware of all the sillyness that we have had to put up with through this process.  Word is that she is one of the few that will put the interests of the kids first.

So now it’s on to figure out what to do with this boy.  What do you do with a 4th grader who is the size of an average 8th grader and scores off the charts with intelligence tests?


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