Ride Report: 09.11.07

Refreshed.  After feeling like a slug for the past week I got out for a quick 45 minute cruise around the Lewisberry area and Silver Lake.  Then last night I opened up the window and enjoyed the cooler air, and slept like a log.

Because of the rain and threatening storms, we opted to cancel soccer practice last night, reasoning that not many girls would be interested in working out on the wet grass.  My son still had football, so after dropping him off and eating some really good london broil that Red had made, I went out for a leasurely jaunt, but still with a few mild hills, until dark.  As you can tell, it was very therapeutic. 

My weight has been creeping up a little, so yesterday I resolved to watch the diet and work harder to get some exercise; and its always good to get off to a good start.  I just hate that feeling where my waist is tight all day – kind of bloated.  Today its better.

I’m still having issues with the rear derailleur where it wants to shift up under load.  I’m going to give it one more try by myself, then its off to the shop.  I know…. I keep talking about a shop tune up, but things have just been too hectic, plus I don’t want to suddenly find myself with some time to ride and no bike to do it on.

I had an interesting minor incident the other day.  I work in downtown Harrisburg.  Red had some errands going on, so we met for lunch.  As we’re standing on the sidewalk in front of my building, a guy comes riding up and laying on his bell as a warning.  Being that we were on the sidewalk, I didn’t move; and more or less made him squeeze around us.  That drew a dirty look and some head shaking, to which I responded that he should be riding on the street… no response.  Now kudos to the guy for at least using a bell, but don’t expect people to clear out of your way when you’re clearly not where you’re supposed to be.

Distance: 11 miles, 2007: 991.5


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