For our Loyal Following

I notice that we just hit another milestone in the blogasphere, so here are some observations about search engine activity:

First, it seems that everyone and their brother wants to know about Surly Long Haul Truckers.  The majority of hits we get are coming from folks doing research on them, and many derivations of that string.

Bamboo bikes and bamboo construction also seem to be a hot topic, so my link to Calfee Design draws a lot of hits.

A lot of folks are checking out the local rail trails, especially Stony Creek and the York trail, so the ride reports get attention.

Recently my review of the Planet Bike Aero computer gets at least two hits a day, and Woody’s fenders get alot of interest, and let’s not forget the Extracycle.

Somebody out their keeps looking for pictures of car accidents….

and one person was interested in “car crash roadside flowers.”

and finally, at least thrice weekly, someone is researching the beloved Sonia Henning!



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