Ride Report: 08.27.07

I spent about 20 minutes working on my front derailleur, following step by step instructions printed out from the Park Tool website.  After getting all of the measurements set, I had to do a minor amount of tweaking on the street to get the shifting into the granny gear just right.  Its pretty surprising how much of a difference an eighth of a turn on an adjustment screw can make.

‘mounted the headlamp and took a thunderrun around Fairview Township just as it was getting dark.  I went out really fast and last night my legs paid for it.  Deer are everywhere!  I spooked one that was getting ready to cross Observatory Road and it ended up running along beside me for a good 150 yards.  The cool evening air with low humidity also felt great.

Because I was pushing so hard I didn’t manage to use the granny as much as I normally would have, but the one hill where I did drop into it; the shift was flawless.  Next step is to work on the rear derailleur to see if my problems there can be cleaned up.  As for the stem change…no issues and very comfortable.  A longer ride will determine the final verdict.

At Bethany, my bike sat in the rain for three days and the saddle stretched out some.  ‘a bit surprising since its supposed to be treated, but it actually feels more comfortable and broken in.  Again, a long ride should give me a better idea.

It’s going to be a busy week, but we’re going camping in East Waterford over the holiday weekend; so I’m taking the Marin to do some fire trails.  Should be fun.

Misc. miles: 4.1

Distance: 12.1 miles, 2007: 967.5


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