Ride Report: 08.14.07

‘not truly a ride, but I’m racking up some miles here and there.  I’m still doing some after dark jaunts when possible, just to get some exercise; and running a few errands.  While out the other night I came across someone throwing out a perfectly good fireplace set.  Ours is a little rough looking, so I went back home, switched to the Marin, slapped the grocery panniers on, and brought it home – I’m sure I looked like quite the vagabond scrounger.  I took some pics, but my camera has decided not to communicate with my laptop lately.

My daughter’s soccer team had their first practice last night, so I joined in with helping with a few drills and then a scrimmage.  My thigh was still a little tight, but seemed to loosen and didn’t cramp up.  She seemed to do fine with her knee brace, although she is clearly out of shape.  Through a series of maneuvers a lot of the younger girls from last season ended up going to another team, which is good for a few reasons:  first, they were truly outclassed and some risked getting hurt by the bigger, more aggressive girls.  Second, it freed up quite a few slots and our girls are now recruiting their friends who have played in the past at a high level, dropped out due to burnout, and now want to join a low key team.  So the result could be a pretty strong team given what we saw last night in practice.

My daughter also picked up her learner’s permit yesterday, so I let her drive a little after the practice.  She’s pretty nervous and not quite ready for the freeways, but I tried to encourage her.  We’ll just need to take our time – but it’s definitely one more of those right-of-passage feelings.

As for the boys, Ave had his bell rung at football practice the other night and was a little down on himself.  He’s just not as big and rough as the others, and he needs to put some muscle on; but he is getting in shape…which is great.  Fortunately he had a better practice last night and was in better spirits.  He has a game this Saturday before we all pack up and leave for the shore for a week.

Ian begins “Fall Ball” baseball tonight.  I might be a bit overconcerned because I just can’t picture him focusing long enough to really take an interest, but I could be proved wrong.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll enjoy it.

Finally; I ran across this picture of a Long Haul Trucker outfitted with 40 something tires and Albatross bars.  I think ultimately I would like to score either a used LHT or CC frame and move over the components from the Marin.  I looks like a great errand bike that could double for trails and single track.

Misc. Miles: 10.7, 2007: 841.5


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