Ride Report: 08.11.07

I got up early and did a long loop from Lewisberry to Manchester to Dover to Rossville and back into Lewisberry.  I had been thinking about it for awhile, but had not had the chance to scope out the road from Manchester to Dover.  All of the other roads are excellent for riding.  Unfortunately, this was a major error.

Route 921, or East Canal Road is a windy two lane with little to no berm, and a fair amount of traffic.  It looks like the area is getting ready to explode with development because storm drains and hydrants line the route.  I just ended up moving a little faster than I would have liked.  I came fairly close to getting tagged by a large pickup that passed me when a car was coming in the other direction.  Fortunately it happened too fast for me to get rattled.  On a scale of 10, I give this road a 2 – stay off of it if at all possible.

I had another close call in Manchester.  At a spot where the berm narrows there was a landscaper with a big Skag mower not watching anything else.  Just as I was going by he decided to edge around the mailbox and come out into my path.  I did a quick swerve…just as a car came up next to me.  Again…too fast to get rattled.

Other than these mis-adventures, the only other notable fact were the hills.  After 34 miles I’m pretty spent.  I’m going to take a nap and mow the lawn. 

Oh, I did see a lot of roadies, especially around Pinchot, and couples at that.  I thnk secretly, roadie chicks dig old guys on touring bikes because I got a lot of smiles.

Distance: 34 miles, 2007: 823.8


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