Ride Report: 08.06.07

I was so overjoyed to get a free evening for a ride, that I actually combined two of my regular routes: Tour de Lakes and the Quaker Road Loop.  Knowing that this was going to be a longer ride, I “buttered up” with my new tube of Udderly Smooth, and filled the water bottles. 

One of the things that I don’t like about this route is that almost immediately there is a tough climb getting out to Rt. 177.  I would prefer to be warmed up a little, but such is life.  I stopped by the Pinchot boat mooring area to find it practically deserted.  I guess the heat had scared away the fishermen, the kayakers, and the rowers.  From there I went down to the Day Use Area, and rather than blasting down Alpine Hill, I spent some time exploring the park’s bike trails.  I ended up finding a rather tame double track of crushed gravel that the LHT easily handled, although there were a lot of side trails that look pretty inviting for the Marin.  I ended up coming out around the camping area, and spent some time exploring august-6-2007-002.jpgthe cabin and yurt area.  The yurts are a rather fascinating phenomenom that I want to check out further, but they were occupied last night, so no pictures.  Here is a shot of the trail:

This is actually going down a good grade, and there are some small sections that suffered from the recent heavy rains.

I spent the rest of my ride through the campground being obnoxious behind a car that was driving at a perfectly appropriate speed considering the chances of a kid running out onto the road.  I wasn’t really that obnoxious, but I was clearly in their rear view mirror, practicing my riding with no hands skills.

Dog Days:  Once out on the open road, I peeled off towards Pinetown and in to Silver Lake.  While coming into Silver Lake I came upon two teenage girls walking dogs that were pretty much out of control.  The girls were doing everything possible to keep them from attacking me as I passed, but I still had to lock up the brakes and reach for the pump.  The girls were more embarrassed than anything, so I smiled and kept on going – I’m sure they weren’t expecting a cyclist on that back road.

Then it was up Space Highway and onto Quaker.  There are some apartments on Quaker, and I was blown away when I passed by the site of another young girl in pajama pants out walking her mastiff.  This dog was huge, and I can’t imagine it living in one of these apartments.

Turned on the lights and came in via Garrison just at dusk.  My handy dandy new computer informed me that the temperature had dropped 4 degrees since starting to 87.  I found that as long as I kept moving, I was comfortable.

So this morning my legs are sore and my eyes are bloodshot from getting up twice to pop some ibuprofen, but mentally I am refreshed after being off the bike for a decent ride far too long.  If the weather cooperates, I hope to get out again later in the week.

Misc. riding: 4.4 miles

Distance: 26 miles  2007: 777.2


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