Fred or Poser?

I ran across a funny discussion in one of the Google groups for cycling.  Riders are asked to describe themselves and their bikes, and see which end of the spectrum they come closer to – Freds or Posers.  I had kind of covered this in a previous post where I ranked myself on the Luddite scale.  You can get the idea:

Rotting T-shirt v. team branded lycra color-coordinated with the bike

khaki cargo pants v. Pearl Izumi bibs

wool hikers v. cotton demi socks

Bell with a brim v. just about any other helmet

docksiders v. clipless leather shoes

B17 v. titanium railed Selle

steel v. carbon

35mm v. 23mm

650B v. 650C

barends v. brifters

Cateye Micro v. Garmin Edge

Zefal HP v. Topeak Roadmorph

fenders, rack, and/or any bag bigger than a wedge

bandana for a snot rag

I clearly and solidly fall in the Fred camp, and with great pride I add that I carry a camera, a small bag of band-aids and toilet paper, and have room for three water bottles.  Long live Fredliness!


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