Champions, Again.

It’s over, and everyone can exhale.  After an extra inning pitching duel, Redland won the District 14 Boyd Championships, 3-2.  A lot of credit should go to the South Hanover team for hanging in there and providing some great competition.

This has been a learning experience for many.  I think that I appreciate more of what goes into baseball.  I never played when I was a kid, but now I understand alot more of the strategy than I ever did.  I’ll never be a dogged fan, but at least now I’ll get a lot more out of the game.  I think the coach learned the value of patience and being more selective with his comments and anger.  I give him credit for growing a bit, and I hope it sticks.  He brought this group of boys a long way by shear grit and working them ragged.  Every night, if they weren’t playing; they were practicing.  I also give a lot of credit to the one assistant coach, who showed these boys the value of thinking positively and encouraging each other.  At least two of the players grew up a bit.

Finally, I’m just really proud of my son.  As a player, he is solid and knows when he has to work at his skills.  There were few excuses.  As a person, I learned that he has a lot of respect from his peers, even though he is not fawning to be part of the “in crowd.”  He relies on the strength of his character, and I wish I had half of his insight when I was his age.

I noticed that he was a bit subdued last night.  It’s going to take a few days to sort through things and realize that he is a winner.  I remember winning a pretty large rowing event several years back and going through the same thing.  All of that work getting to that point, and thinking, “so this is it.”

This fall he is moving over to football.  It’s not my first choice for him, but it’s his call.  I don’t want him getting hurt, and I don’t want him developing the jock mentality, but now I don’t think I need to worry about the latter.  What I’m looking forward to is spending some time with my other two kids.

That’s Ave in the middle – the tall one.


The team pic with the one assistant coach and his son missing (they are on vacation):



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