Quick Update

‘haven’t been riding a lick because of constant baseball interspersed with pm thunderboomers.  Tonight my son’s team plays for the championship, and it looks like the weather will cooperate.  In advancing to this point, the team lost to their opponents in a close game, then came back Saturday in what otherwise would have been the championship to win; but because they were “tied” and because a team must have two losses to be eliminated, a third game must settle things.  The two teams are surprisingly matched, and it has provided some truly entertaining baseball, which says a lot coming from someone who believes televised baseball is a good excuse for an afternoon nap.

Ave has had a bit of a hitting slump again, but came out with a good hit on Saturday.  He had yesterday off, so he spent some time in the batting cages fine tuning things – that always seems to help.  It’s weird, but all these kids focus on these super expensive super light bats, but Ave does his best hitting with a wooden war club.

We bought him a new pair of cleats last week, and sneakers yesterday:  He is 12 years old and wears a size 11.  I am 49, and easily fit into 10’s.  Oh dear.

Saturday was Red’s birthday, so I took her to the Altland House in Abbotstown.  We had spotted it while commuting to the baseball fields in South Hanover several weeks ago.  I highly recommend this place – great food, reasonable prices, and excellent service.  Get the Jack Daniels shrimp appetizer, and be careful not to fill up on the great bread.

There is something weird about seeing your little girl standing in a store making eyes with her 6′ 2″ boyfriend.  Life is moving really fast lately.  We put them in charge of the house on Saturday while we went out to dinner, and she made spaghetti.  She discovered that we didn’t have any ready made sauce, so we talked her through making some from scratch over the phone.  Word is she did great except for adding dill to the recipe.

planet-bike-computer.jpgFinally, I got a refund for my Nashbar wireless just in time for them to run a 40% off sale last weekend, which included a Planet Bike Aero wireless for $23.  It also has a temperature readout, which is one of those things I’m always a little curious about in the winter months.

’till later.


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