Ride Report: 07.22.07

My knees have really been bothering me for the last half of the week and I had just a general achey feeling.  I don’t know what’s up, but last evening I decided to try some time on the bike.  I ended up doing a short “fitness ride” on my Quaker Road loop.  The first half was downright uncomfortable, but once I warmed up and stretched my legs a bit, I felt much better.  So much so that it took some real will power not to keep on going so as not to overdo it.  All I can figure is that I either have some bug going through my system right now; or somehow my muscles and joints just tightened up and needed a workout.  This morning I feel better than I have in a while, but still not 100%.


I always get a kick out of this sign.  I wonder who the guy was who took the time for such a precise measurement.  At the other end of Garriston Road is a similar sign, with an equally exact figure.

When I got home I toodled around the neighborhood on the Marin and played around a little in a vacant lot that has some excavation work going on.  I’ve never been into mountain biking, but I can see how it has an appeal.  I tried a couple small hills and realized why bashguards are a good thing; plus I flipped the bike back over on itself…most likely due to lack of proper technique.  I think the bike will serve it’s purpose well.


That’s Bingo, as in Bingo was his name-o in the background.  He is our whiney-cat, as opposed to his sister, Belle; who is the ace koomba huntress of chippys, rabbits, birds, and small dogs.

In other news, this is the final week of baseball.  The team has advanced to the double elimination round with the championship game next Saturday.  Last Friday’s game was a real barnburner with both teams playing hard.  Eventually South Hanover’s pitching gave out, and somebody’s son broke the game open with a two run single.  I was in the officials’ stand, and the comments about how it was a nearly impossible pitch to hit made it even more sweet. (High and inside).  Anyway, the local paper ran this article, and Ave’s hit is mentioned near the end.  He got alot of attention after the game and I think he is still feeling good about it.  The game ended with an incredible tag at home where our catcher, who is one of the smaller players, had his legs taken out from under him, did a complete flip and landed on his back, yet still held onto the ball.  Both teams did a great job.

Misc riding: 6 miles

Distance: 11 miles, 2007: 714.6


2 responses to “Ride Report: 07.22.07

  1. You’ve never been mountain biking?

    You’re missing out.

    We should meet up at Rocky Ridge sometime. They have some nice trails there that aren’t *too* technical.

    I have two mountain bikes, you’re more then welcome to borrow one…..

  2. I share my favorite trail run with mountain bikers all the time. I’m always amazed when they pass me and then I get a little further and wonder how I don’t see them all crashed out and banged up.

    I’m convinced that if I tried it, I’d injure myself very badly.

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