Maybe, Just Maybe…

I’ll get in a chance for a short ride this weekend.  The weather is looking phenomenal, but lately our lives are consumed by baseball.  Tonight’s game finishes up the regular play, even though the team has already secured one of two spots that advance to the next level.  The only redeeming point is that it will probably be against the team that they will play again on Monday in order to advance beyond that.  So far, no one has even scored against our team, but we are expecting, and hoping, for a little stronger competition this evening just to keep the boys sharp.  With games and practices six days a week, everyone is getting a little tired and looking forward to wrapping up this regional tournament.

What’s really neat is the newpaper coverage.  This “bracket” is playing in South Hanover, and the local paper is really pumping it all up with color pics and articles as if it were the Major League World Series.  Ave was pinch hitting the other night, and he got mentioned when he drove in two runs.   They practice on a local field out in the middle of nowhere, so I pasted some of the pics that I downloaded on the backstop last night just to tease them.  I wonder what anyone else who wonders onto this field will think?

The drama of attitudes has subsided for now, and the team is actually getting along.  I give a lot of credit to one of the assistant coaches, who is a school teacher.  He simply doesn’t put up with any crap and has a very positive attitude that is infectious.  Plus I have to give the head coach some credit in that he has changed his tune a bit with having this coach and myself helping out and judiciously throwing in supportive comments to the boys whenever we can.  He is also being more fair about rotating the players and subs than he was during the regular season.

I’ve taken on the role of the official team pitch counter, which is actually more important than it sounds because of the new rule that limits how many pitches a kid can throw and when they can play again.  Other than that, I help out where I can given my limited knowledge and baseball abilities.

With bike news, I picked up an adapter that allows mounting threadless stems on threaded forks.  Thus, I was able to use a 140mm stem on the Albatross bars for the Marin.  I find that by pushing them forward and down a little, the bars are more comfortable now, plus the polished stem looks good with the polished bars.

I want to keep this project low budget, but I can see this bike with a decent set of fenders and a Brooks; then eventually upgrading some components and scoring a used Crosscheck frame.  It is a blast to ride, but as soon as I jump back on the LHT, I am amazed at how the Paselas smooth out the road compared to the knobbies on the Marin.

Speaking of the LHT; I lowered the saddle about 1/4″ and am surprised how more comfortable it is.  My sit bones feel more supported by the saddle without my legs feeling short.  Moving between the two bikes, the 5mm difference in crank length is also quite noticeable.

I want to take a second to point you to Kent Peterson’s blog.  He is doing a bike tour of Washington state, logging close to 100 miles daily, yet still stopping to meet with bicycle advocates.  I would love to have his stamina and take advantage of an opportunity like this.

Finally, I am thinking of again getting my annual summer buzz cut.  With my hairline it makes a lot of sense for me, although folks seem to consider it a pretty radical move.  My daughter’s boyfriend, which is another saga (although not a bad one), just returned from football camp sporting a close cropped mohawk, so I was thinking if I too get a buzz, he might not be so darned scared of me.  His brother, who is going to be a senior, also got a buzz.  But wait!  He needs to get his senior/yearbook pics taken in a few weeks.  Their parents are pretty wigged out right now, but I think its a hoot.

…I tell ya, these kids today….


One response to “Maybe, Just Maybe…

  1. Let’s not talk about buzzcuts. While my hair isn’t that short, it’s still so short that it makes me want to cry.

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