“It’s Not About the Bike”

From the more than you really need to know dept.:

When I got home last night I was a little concerned that my right sit bone was still as sore as it was, given that I was otherwise feeling pretty good after Saturday’s ride.  I started poking about and came up with a piece of skin.  After some contortions with a mirror, I discovered that I must have developed a blister about the size of a quarter and then chafed it open.

All I have to say on this matter is that putting a bandage on your butt is not as easy as it sounds.  First there is the mirror thing in one hand and the bandage in the other.  Then there is the whole bending over thing and the fact that one’s butt shape changes significantly going from bent over to standing up to sitting down.  Whatever skin was left on this blister felt like it was completely pulled off by the tape.  Plus I need to ask if pro cyclists shave more than just their legs?

Not to worry, though…. I did not take any pictures.

I’ll have to check the shorts that I use (two pair of Liquigels) to see if there is a seam or something like that; but I am guessing that the distance and heat were the prevailing factors.

I do remember reading about chamois creme or something like that by Assos, but I need to do a search on it to see if it might be worthwhile.

Speaking of worthwhile, and changing the subject, I ran across this testimonial on Hammer Gel supplements/food for long rides.  I noticed that I didn’t really have a strong appetite afterwards.  In fact, I had trouble eating some bread.  Also my urine was still pretty dark even after consuming well over a gallon of water during the ride, and about two hours later my digestive system more or less cut loose and I had to camp out in the bathroom for awhile.  I’m thinking that maybe focusing on stuff that is easier to digest might be the ticket for longer rides.  It’s all a learning process of trial and error.


3 responses to ““It’s Not About the Bike”

  1. Try “Udder Creme” or even, literally “Butt Paste”.

  2. The most important thing to invest in are high quality cycling shorts. I uses Santini Bib Shorts with a no-seam chamois.

    Try this regimen to keep your shorts slippery and your bottom free of those nasty saddle sores.

    Saddle Sore Repellent – Step 1
    The best treatment for saddle sores is to prevent them. Start every ride with a clean pair of padded shorts, and get out of them ASAP when you get off the bike. In between time – when your butt is glued to the saddle – be sure you’ve coated your crotch with Lantiseptic. The good news: it’s bullet proof and will stay on all day. The bad news: you’ll need a tire iron to get it off. Decent trade-off, if you ask me. But if you’re worried – see Step 2.

    Saddle Sore Repellent – Step 2
    This is the stuff surgeons scrub with before they operate. It prevents skin infection with a “bactericidal activity that protects against a wide range of microorganisms…” including the little nasties that crawl out of your shorts with the goal of burrowing into your skin. Keep a bottle in your shower and scrub, rinse and repeat. Then on to Step 3.

    Saddle Sore Repellent – Step 3
    This super absorbent antifungal powder will keep you dry and fungus-free. Important safety tip: what goes up, must come down; sit on the toilet, spread your towel on the floor below you. It will save you grief later when your room-mate visits the can, slips on the tile and come gunning for bear.

    Keep the pedals turnin, road rider.


  3. All I can say is ….Don’t shave your ass.

    I couldn’t think of a worse place to get an ingrown hair.

    …and no, I’ve never tried it:-)

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