Ride Report: 07.02.07

I love rides like this one…where there is no plan when I leave the house as to where I’m headed.  The only thing I had in mind was to explore Lower Allen Park, which is not far from Lisburn.  One of the more hilly loops that I take every so often runs through Lisburn, so it was a matter of making a right turn instead of a left at one point.

I had one slightly humorous encounter, at the four way light on Space Highway where both a roadie and I entered the intersection at the same time.  He waved me through, but you could see that we were both thinking how lame it would have been for two bikes to crash into each other at a four way intersection.

I didn’t take any pictures, but Lower Allen Park has a dog park, where folks can take Fido for a play date with Spot.  In addition, there is a full menu of activities, from soccer fields to baseball to golf to several playgrounds, including the famed “Fun Fort”.  It’s really a great site that see’s alot of use.  They also host a Cyclocross race every year, but I’ve never been able to attend due to other activities. 

As I rode down to the creek near the lower soccer fields, I discovered that there are campsites.  They look really nice, but I’m not sure I’d feel secure given the amount of foot traffic in the area.  It’s secluded enough for romance and drugs, but not remote enough for campsite privacy.

Here’s a campsite: table, bench, burn pit.


This is the trail that runs along the creek:


Here’s the creek itself.  There were a handful of fisherman hard at work:


Heading back into Warrington Township, I took a detour into Southport or Southfield or something like that, which is a neighborhood comprised of impressive mansions sitting on expansive lots.  It’s about a mile loop.  With close to 20 homes on a beautiful evening, I saw two people and one dog.  Word is that most of the residents work in New York City and commute during the week…kinda sad.


The rest of the ride took me to Moores Mountain, where I foolishly decided to climb the front slope at a blistering pace of 4 mph.  I’d love to have an altimeter, cuz its a pretty steep grade for well over a mile, straight up.  God Bless granny gears.  The ride down the back is fun, although I had to turn off and head towards home since it was starting to get dark.  I cruised through Silver Lake, and as I was riding through Lewisberry, the urge hit me to turn left and climb Heck Hill, turn onto Old Quaker, and do a loop through Newberry.  Life is good.

Misc. miles: 9.2

Distance: 23.6 miles, 2007: 612.7


3 responses to “Ride Report: 07.02.07

  1. Thanks for the nice words & pics of our Community Park. It does get alot of use, and we are very proud of the facility.

    I just wanted to let your readers know that the Park is patrolled regularly by police and Community Service Officers, and is closed (gated) at dusk. While absolute security is never a guarantee, we’ve never had an incident where a camper has been harassed by anything more than a stray dog.

  2. Hey Tom. It is a great park and it’s good to know about the patrols. My boys and I have been talking about camping, and finding a place close to home to test our equipment and “mettle”, just like what you have there. We might give it a try, but I didn’t see any outlets for plugging in the plasma screen and the Playstation! We’ll just have to rough it.

  3. The cyclocross is not to be missed, if you can work it into your schedule. It is the most fun I’ve had watching a bike race, and very seductive … yeah, there are first-timers in their 50s riding through the mud, jumping off at barriers and hammering down the slopes. Not sure it’s coming back to Lower Allen, but if it does it’s worth going to.

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