General Update

I’ve only been doing some errands here and there on the bike with no long rides.  I’m hoping to get out tonight and then again on the 4th for some sort of distance.  I fear that I’m actually losing some fitness, so I better step it up a bit.

Since it’s vacation season, my son’s baseball practices have been lightly attended, causing me and another dad to join in so they can run drills.  Friday and Saturday I was both running bases and playing the outfield (I had a pretty good catch, too!)  Anyway, it’s one of those deals where if you don’t use certain muscles for a while, as in sprinting…  My upper thighs are still sore but recovering.

Yesterday we dropped the boys off at two different camps for the week.  If last year is any indication, I expect they will have a blast.  And today our daughter gets back from New Orleans – we’ve missed her.

Finally, it’s turning out that acquaintances from outside the cyclo-touring world are finding me here at our little blog.  One went so far as to call me a “rock star”, but I prefer “the old guy with the nice bike.”  Anyway, don’t feel shy about joining in.  Just this weekend I found out that a friend of a friend found us because he is riding as a means to rehab after a knee operation; while another visited the mexican restaurant I wrote about.  Let’s make the world a little smaller.


One response to “General Update

  1. I got suckered into playing softball a few years ago. It was hard to transition into a sport where the object ball doesn’t change hands at the drop of a hat. I play center field now and I can run anything down but I still couldn’t hit the ball even if they handed me a shovel.

    It’s the truth.

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