It was time for a little preventative maintenance.  I noticed the drive train on the LHT was starting to get a little cranky.  Realizing that it was probably filled with limestone dust and other assorted abrasive minerals, I picked up some cleaner and lube stuff and went to work last night.


june-28-2007-004.jpgjune-28-2007-004.jpgLittle spraying, little brushing, little wiping…. I could not believe the difference.  Appearance wise, I didn’t realize just how much crud gets built up on stuff.  After 500 miles of riding, I easily filled a rag with all kinds of gunk.  Operationally, everything was much quieter and the shifts were back to being very precise.  ‘Can’t say enough about this TF2, which is a teflon-based lubricant that Big Jim at Pedal Pushers recommended.  It’s clean, easy to use, and obviously works.

The Marin did not improve as much, but I think its probably time to replace the chain, and I discovered that the headset is just about done.  I’m toying with the idea of putting some really fat tires on it since it has plenty of clearance, along with a set of Albatross bars.

As for the LHT, I swapped wheels around, loosened and tightened the fork, and generally tinkered with a bunch of stuff and still could not fix the creaking.  This morning I sprayed a little bit of the TF2 into the headset, and tonight I’ll see if that had any effect.


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