…”and the rains came tumbling down.”

I had a meeting last night around 7:00 that I figured would last until 9:00ish.  Since the thunderstorm watch was only until 8:00 and things looked pretty good at 7:00, I opted to ride the quick mile after mounting the front lamp.  Sure enough, around 8:30 the skies opened up with impressive lightening and a downpour.

Despite being offered a ride, I hung out until a break in the action at 9:15, and then headed home.  There was enough lightening that I don’t think I needed my cygolight, but fortunately it didn’t start pouring again until I was within 100 yards of the house.  My Blackburn Blinkie kept me safe, and yes; fenders are a gift from God.

In other news, I ordered a steeper angle stem to raise the bars on the LHT about two inches; and the creaking noise coming from up front is back again.  I’ve toyed around with a few things with no luck.  I’m thinking it’s either the headset, or possibly the wheel.  My front wheel is laterally laced, so I’m wondering if a loose spoke or two might be the culprit.  I’ll try swapping the wheel with the Marin tonight to see if that’s the case.  If not, I’ll need to turn it over to Pedal Pushers because I’m stumped.


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