This and That…

I ran across this site in my wanderings…wonderful information.  I don’t ride enough to warrant really getting into wrenching, but it would be nice to know my way around some of the more complex components like bottom brackets and headsets.  I consider myself a mechanical person for the most part, but at this point I can’t justify purchasing the tools when I can otherwise walk into Pedal Pushers and get good service.

Man Accused of Having Sex with Bicycle:  I’m still trying to picture this, but I’m coming up blank.  I heard about it as a teaser on talk radio news yesterday.  First, I know that the Brits are renowned for their sexual hangups, but props to the guy for originality.  Second, I love my Long Haul Trucker, probably more than I should, but….  maybe it has something to do with the leather bar tape.

Last night Ave had baseball practice at a park with a paved walking/running trail.  I hoofed it for two miles to warm up my legs and work out some soreness left over from Saturday’s ride.  I’m happy to report that my foot issues arising from the shattered bone have abated and I think I’m ready to try some jogging.  I’ll wait on any soccer playing, however.  As for the baseball team, they have a lot of work to do for an All-Star crew.  First and foremost will be attitude.  Two of the worst offenders from my son’s regular season team are also there, along with a kid who has been ejected for poor sportsmanship more than once.  They were already showing attitude.  It’s going to be a long season.

Finally, when we got home I had some fun with the firehouse salsa that I bought on Saturday.  I sat at the table and goaded everyone into trying a bite.  For the first 15 seconds the taste is very pleasant; then the pepper kicks in.  It was a hoot to watch their eyes get real big, and then run for the sink.  Ave had the best strategy: he grabbed some rolls and would alternate salsa and bread.  After 10 minutes though, your mouth just goes numb.

Hope to do a short ride tonight if the predicted thunderstorms hold off long enough.


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