A Bike Friendly World

I’m far from what many label as a bicycle advocate.  While I think it would be really great to commute and conduct errands using a bike; and reduce our car usage, I also think that there has to be a political and social climate to support these things, as well as an infrastructure.  The emphasis on living close to where you work is a valid point, which makes the idea of bike commuting a lot more realistic.


But I think if the planets are alligned, people would be willing to give it a try.  I ran across this entry about a new bike service in Barcelona, Spain that is taking off.  Could you imagine dedicating street space to biking lanes in Harrisburg?  How much gas, pollution, and parking spaces could be saved with such a system?  Plus then there are space usage advantages with encouraging more plazas and parkways/paths… and the health benefits.

Seeing something like this certainly gets the brain working.


2 responses to “A Bike Friendly World

  1. We could certainly use more (any) bike infrastructure over here on the west shore.

    It would be nice if it were possible to cross the river somewhere other than the Harvey Taylor, too. A bike lane on the Wade bridge and / or the Turnpike bridge would sure be nice.

    I’ve emailed CAT about getting bike racks on the buses, but they never respond.

    Of course, I live in the county that killed the light rail project, calling it the “pork barrel express” so I don’t expect much, at least until the price of gas doubles again.

  2. Agreed. When I lived in Colonial Park I could easily bike down either State or Market and cross over to the West Shore using the Walnut Street Bridge. I think the whole region could save on parking and traffic somewhat if there was an easier bike/pedestrian connector.
    I see the York buses have bike racks. I wonder if they got them through a grant of some sort.

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