It’s Like a Cancer…

I’ve never ridden anything close to a brevet, but I can fantasize about the idea and gradually work up the miles so that the idea is not totally out of the realm of possibilities before I die.  In the meantime, I love reading the reports.  I look at the pictures of the riders and think: “He’s not in that much better shape than me.” The most recent reports are of the 600K held last weekend.  For the most part, the bikes used appear to be slightly modified racing bikes to accomodate a bag or two, along with map and GPS gear.  Every so often there is a racing tandem or a recumbent.  I think this picture represents a crew of typical “breveters”:


But tucked away in some of the pictures of the group, I spied a pair of upright handlebars.  This intrigued me, and while it took me awhile, I found him.  Sneaking about in the peleton, infesting the lycra clad road warriors and planting the seeds of dissent.  Yes my friends, country biking is slowly, steadily, and stealthfully taking over the cycling world:

Comrade; I don’t know who you are, but well done!


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