Ride Report: 06.16.07

This morning I did the PA half of the Heritage Rail Trail, but I went with the specific intent of holding down my speed to see how I felt both near the end of the ride and afterwards.  I found that by doing my best to average around 12 mph, at least on the climb, I can handle the mileage a lot better.  I still had some knee soreness and butt pain, but it was manageable.  Most importantly, my thighs were not killing me.  So I think if I keep my speed down and stop for some recovery and stretching, I should gradually be able to go out for much longer miles.

I got an early start on the trail, leaving the York City lot at 7:30.  Things were fairly quiet until around 9:30 when the crowds started coming out – mostly fitness riders and families.  One guy blew by me on what looked to be a C’dale CX bike.  I also noticed that there were more street bikes today than I had ever seen before – usually its MTBs or cross bikes.

As I was coming towards Hanover Junction I heard a steam whistle.  Boy, I was thinking that I might actually run across a steam engine on the tracks, but there was nothing to be found.  I haven’t heard anymore about the plans to extend the trail from Hanover Junction all the way to Hanover.  That will be awesome.

Anyone who has been on the trail has seen these.  I figured since I was already stopped:

I made another pit stop at New Freedom and then a short stop at the line.  I like the display and the little historical factoids.

I also decided to play around with the timer on my Pocketcam.  Here I am in my anti-lycra kit.  My stylish French velo eyeware was acquired at Lowes for $10.  The earpieces are adjustable, they are light sensitive, scratch resistant, and far better looking than Rudy Projects.

On the way back I stopped at Serenity Station for a quick second breakfast.  While sitting there a family

pulled in.  Mom and Dad obviously don’t bike much, but I have to give them credit for getting out and making an effort with some positive activity for their two boys, as well as themselves.  While sitting there I started staring at his bike, which was pretty rough looking, and realized that he had a real classic.  Labelled as a “Sabre”, it had terrible tan/bronze paint, but… steel frame, ornate lug work, Weinman brakes, high flange hubs, and older, but functional, Campy components.  I asked to take this pic, and explained to him what he had.  He had picked the bike up at a yard sale for $10.  A new two-tone paint job, a decent set of bars, some puffy tires, finished off with  a Brooks; and she’s a real keeper.  I told him not to sell it and save it for his sons.

Made the final leg back into York, with my only observation being that chipmunks are the daredevils of the animal kingdom:

Distance: 42.6 miles, 2007: 488.1


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