Ride Report, 06.04.07

Sheesh.  This is the first decent ride I’ve had the chance to take in a week.  I have been doing a mile here and there just to get around, but I wasn’t able to accumulate any decent mileage because of either my schedule or the rain.  Last night I revisited the loop I did a few weeks ago by going down to York Haven, Manchester, Strinestown, and then Lewisberry.  With a few small detours, it came out to 25 miles.

At the ten mile mark and about a mile before entering Manchester, there is an old metal bridge that runs next to the new concrete one.  Both run over the Conowago Creek at a low point.  I thought this was a good spot to take a break and shoot a few pics.


This is facing back to York Haven.  The road has a really nice wide berm most of the way into Manchester; and the other side of the bridge has a pedestrian siding.


I’m not sure of the history of this old bridge, but it occurred to me that they could disassemble it, clean it up, and move it to Harrisburg to replace the western spans that were lost in the ice flow.  It’s not an exact match, but at least it appears to be of the same era and construction type.


This is a shot from the other side showing the creek headed towards the Susquehanna.  There are other crossings that are just as scenic. 

Overall, a very nice ride.  My only complaint would be the helmet that I’m wearing and how it gets hot, especially on a night like this.  I’ll be looking for one with lots of vents.

When I got home, I found this velo-terrorist out on the streets.  If you happen to see him, RUN!!!


Finally, I think I got the idea from Cyclofiend, but I put two old pedal cage straps on the Carradice, replacing the leather boot lace that I had.  They work great for strapping down a jacket or hat or whatever.


Random Riding: 8 miles

Trip Distance: 25 miles,  2007:  324.5


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