Yesterday we spent the day at Knoebel’s Grove Amusement Park.  Anyone who has been there will know that it is way better than Hershey or Disney, and the fact that it is shaded under a canopy of trees made it that much better.  We were attending a birthday party for my wife’s four year old niece.  We usually are mandated to attend around three or so of these a year.

(Turn heavy sarcasm on): It was the perfect party.  There were perfect little children running about, all wearing the perfect clothes that their parents had picked out for them.  There were perfect place settings, food that you had to assemble before you were allowed to put it in your mouth, a perfect pinata, and a perfect cake.  Most memorable was when about a dozen kids were hovered around the table with all the parents and their cameras and camcorders..”smile”, and all the kids knew to stop and flash perfect smiles.

(Sarcasm off):  I asked my daughter if she remembered her 4th birthday party.  “Nope.”  In my old age, I find that kids can have a perfectly fun time with a bucket of dirt, and parents end up looking downright silly with all the stressing and one-upsmanship when it comes to these events. 

For the record, it was a nice party, and all the kids had fun despite the parents and my taking a nap on the bench across the way.  But there is a video record of their lives that the parents can pull out in therapy some day and show the professionals: “You see, I was a good parent!”  Otherwise, my guess is the tapes and CDs will end up in the top of a closet somewhere, never to be seen again.

….On the bike scene:  I ditched the wireless computer and switched over the Vetta.  I can’t be spending $5 bucks on batteries every other week when this Vetta goes two years on one, and works perfectly.  Also, I swapped the full size pedals cages off the Marin with the minis on the LHT.  The fulls are just easier to slide my shoes into on the fly.


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