Ride Report 05.24.07

I got out of the mountains and took in some country biking last night.  ‘Went from Lewisberry, to Newberrytown, to York Haven, to Manchester, to Strinestown, and back to Lewisberry. 

I had been thinking about this route for some time and sizing up the roads.  Although most involve more traffic than I am accustomed to, most of the route has a minimum of two foot berms, usually more.  Most of the hills weren’t that steep, but they made up for it with length, especially when heading down to the river or crossing over the Conowago Creek.

There is also one point between Manchester and Strinestown where you’re on a bit of a rise in the middle of total farmland, and you can probably see for 20 miles every which way.  It was a nice ride.  Here is a shot of I83 taken when crossing over on Sheep Bridge Road.  I did not see any sheep.


My computer crapped out at the start, I’m guessing another battery, so I had to pull out a map and measure the mileage at 22.5.  I’m going to replace the battery in the receiver this time, but if it craps again, I’m going to send it back and use my old Vetta C15.  In 25 years it has never let me down.

Given that I’m inclined to take some longer rides this year, I stopped by Holmes at lunch and picked up a new patch kit, a spare tube, and this gadget: a Crank Brothers 17-in-1 tool.  It’s a nice little gadget that will replace a bunch of loose stuff that I carry, plus it has some additional features like the chain breaker.  A little pricey at $24, but what isn’t pricey these days.


Since I didn’t have the computer to pace myself, I found myself pushing it a bit.  My legs are pretty sore this morning, but I don’t plan on riding until Monday anyway.  I’m hoping to get up early and do the entire Stony Creek Trail and get back before the in-laws show up for a cookout.

Distance: 22.5

2007: 252.3


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