Ride Report: 05.22.07

I did another Tour de Lakes last night with a few bonus miles tacked on the end.  I found that as the sun was going down, the air cooled and it was invigorating.  My thighs are a little stiff this morning, but I felt like I could have kept on riding for hours had I had the time and the light. 

This is a shot of Silver Lake, which is another man-made body of water right across from Lewisberry proper.  I don’t know the formal history, but it appears to have started as a summer cottage community, with many of the homes eventually being winterized for year round living.  The land was once owned by the family of a friend of mine who still operates the adjoining farm, and I cut a fair amount of firewood on his mother’s property last spring.may-22-2007-003.jpg

Today I think Silver Lake is known for its partying, being that there are several bachelors and bachelor wannabe’s that have bbq’s with the most impressive fireworks displays.  On most summer weekends you can find a crew out on the water on a makeshift platform setting off the latest creations imported from West Virginia.  It’s so good that on the major holidays, the boys and I opt for Silver Lake rather than Harrisburg to both get a better view and avoid the traffic.  Everyone gets into it with a loud stereo blasting anything from Pink Floyd to Stars and Stripes Forever; and “contests” among residents to see who can set off the most impressive explosions.

You can easily find the community by turning right at the Silver Lake Inn, which is the local watering hole.  It’s basically a biker/sports bar that makes an attempt to serve food, although we found it much to smokey to bother even sitting down.

Near the end of my ride I passed Jeff’s house and found him outside working, so I stopped in.  Jeff and his wife have recently completely gutted and refurbished an old farmhouse.  In recent days he has had a framework of sorts outside, so I was curious and asked him about it.   It turns out to be a chicken pen.  They are going to raise chickens for the eggs and for food.  This is a shot of the rapidly growing chicks: 36 Rhode Island Reds.may-22-2007-004.jpg

  They are also taking classes on raising sheep, so I’m curious to see when they will appear.

 Distance: 21 miles

2007: 229.8


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