Ballfield Drama

On the bike front, I think that I am pretty much finished with the LHT build.  The extra fender stay arrived last night and it was a pretty easy installation that looks like it will work fine.  At some point I want to standardize all of the allen head bolts that I used.  There may be small things here and there, but we’re ready to roll.  and I plan to get out on a ride tonight.

In other news, my son’s hard work paid off in spades last night when he cracked a strong double against a kid that most are saying is the best pitcher in the league.  It was a game against the only team that really gives my son’s team any competition.  Going into last night’s game they were considered rivals and held in there strong, but once this kid had pitched out at 86 throws, they had no depth, and my son’s team rally’d to finish 12-6.  I didn’t see the hit since I was running a soccer practice, but everyone was talking about it when I arrived.  By then my son’s wide smile had been replaced by his game face, but I was able to get the full description from him afterwards.

This is a real breakthrough for him, because I believe his coach is not treating him fairly compared to the rest of the team.  I had confronted him about it, which is something I tend to avoid, and was told that the line-up and playing time is based on batting averages.  Interestingly, even in his slump, my son’s avg. was higher than some others.  What I think is that this coach is showing favoritism, as well as pandering to the kids that have the worst attitudes.  He seems to reward bad behavior in order to win, and then he seems to reinforce that behavior with his own classless comments.  In essence, I don’t view him as a very mature person, and even though this is a very strong team, I am not far from seeing if my son could be “traded.”

Some kids will always be more mature than others, and I realize that a few of  these boys are coming from pretty rough situations; but…  that should not be an excuse to allow poor sportsmanship and bad attitudes.  A quick example is how the other kids will yell and jump all over another player if there is an error.  Yet they are certainly not immune to errors themselves.

In my son’s defense, he has a very good head on his shoulders, gets along with just about everyone, is respectful, and has made every practice.  On top of that, he is an excellent defensive player.  Part of his “problem” is that he doesn’t act out, so the coach walks all over him.  He prefers to play first base, but gets placed in the outfield.  Part of that may be that he does well in the outfield; but its also because the other first base players are a really heavy kid who can’t run after hits and throws; and the coach’s son, who is not immune to errors.

So last night’s double was just one hit; but I told my son that it was the first step in a campaign to see that he gets what he is entitled to.  I’m not going to be an obnoxious parent who demands special treatment; but I am going to be an obnoxious parent who demands fair treatment.

Rant over.


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